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Private Investigations
Series of drawings and prints

In my recent series of prints and drawings entitled Private Investigations, I explore and create a symbolic relationship between various natural and human-made forms, manifesting a universal symbol that interprets my comprehension of creative conception and biological reproduction.

My life is split in two roles: artist and mother. Private Investigations merges these roles. Creative artistic expression is similar to human reproduction. I compare the significance of the human eye and womb, their similar form, and comparable characteristics of receiving and sending. Just as the eye receives the visual information through seeing and sends through looking, the womb receives through impregnation and sends through birth. First, the artist's eye experiences the environment around her just as the womb experiences fertilization. Next, the artist conceives a creative idea just as the womb conceives the fetus. Finally, the artist expresses ideas through art similar to the mother who expresses her creation of a child through birth. These two organs share parallel potentials of conception that exist simultaneously within the female artist.

Both the eye and womb are spherical and depicted as a circle, an ancient significant symbol. I employ multiple meanings of the symbolic circle such as unity, wholeness, feminine spirit of force, and sacred space to guide my interpretation of conception and reproduction.

I define conception and reproduction as tangled, knotted, swollen, floating, enlarged, and bursting with energy in forms: vessel, container, urn, nest, fortress, house, or ship. These selected forms are symbolic representations of the human eye and womb. I unite direct references to realistic and ambiguous forms in my work to create a monumental, vibrant, and universal image, evoking multiple interpretations. In contrast to delicate and controlled drawing lines, I use lithography as my exclusive printmaking medium. Creating in this medium is an elaborate, adventurous and unpredictable image-generating process which replicates similar qualities inherent in reproduction.

Private Investigations
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